Anyone who thinks that air can only be polluted outside is wrong. There is much more to learn especially when it comes to the pollution in a home setting.  There are some millions of particles that can pose as a heat within the home and they include molds, pollen, dust mites, and even dust that might come from the carpets of pets. Such particles are known to be dangerous as they pose as allergens which can bring infections to the chest, throat as well as the lungs. There is always need to keep the home atmosphere pure and tidy all the time in order to avoid such trouble. Asthma comes as a result of inhaling such allergens which later block the lungs. Well, many people turn to the common vacuum cleaner. Much as it can help for a while, the fact remains it is not effective as such since it will only be able to trap some of the dust, it is much better to go for the Hepa purifier since its more accurate and will trap all the finest particles within the air.
How the filter works
The hepahas been made in a way that adopts it well for the purpose.  It normally has a plastic fiber at the upper part that has been greatly folded in order to increase the surface area for the trapping of the air particles within the air.  This is what enhances the entire process of filtration. The Hepa filter is a sieve that usually traps the larger particles while some can as well pass through. The accumulation of such particles however can later clog the main working parts of the machine and this means you have to invent an electric motor that usually uses more energy to push the air within.  In this case, there is no way larger particles can find their way.
Most of the vacuums do have the Hepa filters. Some have filters on the outer part which eliminates the larger particles; the filters also have a concertina that is responsible for the trapping of finer particles.  When the speed is so high, the particles are usually caught and directed to the fibers. When the speed has become less, the particles simply move randomly around the fibers.
A suitable Hepa filter
Since there are many types of filters it is worth to note that effective Hepa filters are those which at a diameter of 0.3 microns, they can trap  99.97% of the particles within the air. Well, these roles have led to a positive impact to both residential and commercial property owners as they can easily look for ways of investing in such filters.  Hepa filtration has been used in a number of cases including the cleaning up process of the radioactive chemicals within an industry. It leaves no doubt that these filters are safe.The best air purifier and Hepa  filters can be found at

Hepa air purifier Popularity

Anyone who thinks that air can only be polluted outside is wrong. There is much more to learn especially when it comes to the pollution in […]

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